People of tribal community forced to live in darkness for 8 months, know the whole matter

People of tribal community forced to live in darkness for 8 months, know the whole matter

Dabra News: People of tribal community in Dabra tehsil of Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh are forced to live in darkness for the last 8 months as no hearing is being held by the officials of the Electricity Department. This case pertains to Patha area of ​​tribals coming under Bhartari Panchayat where electricity problem has been persisting for almost 8 months. And as there is no transformer in the area, people are forced to live in darkness. There is a transformer there but it is occupied by bullies.

The tribal women said that when they switch on the lights from the existing transformer, they are stopped by the bullies and money is also demanded. Due to which the women of the tribal community of Patha village today staged a sit-in protest at the Dabra Division Office to submit a memorandum to the DE regarding their problems. In which a large number of tribal women were present. Information is being received that no officer was present in the Dabra Division Office who could listen to their complaint.

Guddi Bai, the woman of the village, says that for the last 8 months the officials have been going round like this. But till date no hearing has been done by the authorities. At the same time, a person from the village, Bunty Jat, said that the poor are not getting the benefits of the schemes being taken out by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan for the poor and backward people, because the officials digest all the schemes in between. How long will the poor people go round the offices like this? When will those laborers finally get their wages? If you go round the offices like this, then who will do the work?

Bitto Bai, a woman from the tribal community, directly accused the Tekanpur electricity department officer of bribery and said that she has complained several times about the matter to JE Chaurasia, posted in the Tekanpur electricity department office. But Chaurasia, an officer of the Electricity Department, Tekanpur posted demanded ₹ 15000 from him. He said that from where will we get 15000 rupees on the poor tribals. Offering a variety of plans.

But the benefits of these schemes run by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for the poor tribals remain limited to the officials even before reaching the poor. Because officials directly demand bribe from poor people. When will this bribe taking attitude of officials finally end. Only the time to come will tell that how successful will be the campaign launched by the Madhya Pradesh government for the welfare of the poor. We are not saying that people are telling their problems in their own words, now whether the state government will remain silent on this, only time will tell.
Arun Rajak’s report from Dabra

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