People entered the house by becoming vigilance team of electricity company, residents protested

Ujjain News: A surprising case has come to light from Ujjain. Here in the colony built on MR 5 road, some people came as officers of the team of the electricity company. These people entered houses built in the colony where women were alone. When the residents opposed them, they went back in the vehicle.

This case pertains to Gulmohar Colony, where four-five people arrived in a Bolero vehicle and entered the house in the name of investigation, pretending to be the vigilance team of the electricity company. When the residents asked them the reason for suddenly entering the house and checking like this, they said that we check like this only. Distressed residents have lodged a complaint about this and they say that in this way how can we trust that these are people from the electricity company. In such a situation, if any criminal incident takes place then who will be responsible for it. The people who entered the house have been captured in the CCTV camera and the Chimanganj police station has registered a written complaint.

15 to 20 families reside in this colony, who say that the police should investigate whether the people who came were from the electricity company or not. In this way, it is not at all right for people to enter inside the women’s house without notice when they are alone. Apart from registering a written complaint, the residents have also provided CCTV footage to the police. After the case, the mobile number of the Executive Engineer of Vigilance was coming off. On the other hand, other officials of the company say that the checking is done suddenly, if the information is given then the theft of electricity will not be detected.

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