Patient swallowed false tooth while sleeping in Datia, tooth extracted with the help of endoscopy. Patient swallowed false teeth while sleeping in Datia

Datia News: A strange incident has come to light from Datia district of Madhya Pradesh. In fact, here a 58-year-old Ram Huzur swallowed his false tooth while sleeping at night, due to which the tooth got stuck in the food pipe. After which the patient started having pain while swallowing anything. Also, he started having trouble breathing. However, he was not aware of this.

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After the incident, the patient went to the Medical College, Datia. Where he went to OPD of nose, ear, throat department. Where he came to know during investigation that teeth were stuck in his alimentary canal, which could be taken out only by operation. After which the head of the department, along with the team of Professor Dr. Ashish Maurya, performed the operation. During this Dr. Manish Sachan and Sr. Dr. Surendra Bhargava were involved. Explain that the tooth was pulled out by endoscopy after sedating the patient. The above information was given by Dr. Hemant Kumar Jain, Public Relations Officer of the Medical College.

Satyendra Rawat’s report from Datia

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