Passengers please note, trains affected due to doubling of Bina-Guna rail section


Bhopal Train Affected : Under the doubling of Bina-Guna rail section of West Central Railway, Bhopal division, some trains are affected due to non-interlocking work at Piparai village, Gunrubamori, Mungawali and Kanjia stations, due to which non-interlocking work in Bina-Guna rail section Due to the interlocking work, some trains on this route will be partially canceled and some will run regulated. The West Central Railway has decided to partially cancel some trains plying through this route during the working period and to run some in a regulated manner (intermittently).

This train will be affected

Train number 01884/01883 Gwalior-Bina-Gwalior Express Special will run between Gwalior-Guna-Gwalior from December 25 to January 5, 2023 and will be partially canceled between Guna-Bina-Guna. Train number 11603 running from its originating station on December 25 /11604 Kota-Bina-Kota Express will run between Kota-Guna-Kota and partially canceled between Guna-Bina-Guna

regulated vehicles

Train number 19165 Ahmedabad-Darbhanga Sabarmati Express running from its originating station from 25 December to 4 January 2023 and train number 19167 Ahmedabad-Varanasi City Sabarmati Express running from its originating station from 24 December to 3 January 2023 in Bina-Guna rail section Can be run by regulating (intermittently) 50 minutes.

9-9 trips will run between Subedarganj-Secunderabad-Subedarganj

It was decided to run train number 04121/04122 Subedarganj-Secunderabad-Subedarganj weekly superfast express special train. It will take halt at Bina, Bhopal, Itarsi stations of Bhopal division and go to the destination.

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