Pasco court sentenced death sentence to accused of raping a minor girl. datia news


Datia Death Punishment : The Pasco court has sentenced the accused of raping and murdering a minor girl to death and imposed a fine of Rs 18,000. Honorable Special POCSO Act Court Ramayana Jayant Mittal, accused of rape and murder, has sentenced the accused to death and fined ₹ 18000 after being proved a serious crime.

this was the case

It may be known that the accused Chhatrapal Rawat had raped and killed a minor child. According to the information, tell that about 6 months ago in the month of May, on May 8, 2022, in a village of Goraghat police station area, the victim had gone to his family to attend the marriage ceremony of his brother-in-law along with the girl child. Where all the rituals of marriage were going on after attending the marriage ceremony, that when the victim’s family and her daughter were sleeping with their mother, the accused Chhatrapal Rawat son of Ranveer Singh Rawat, 29 years old, resident of village Bansgarh Karaira district Shivpuri. , had taken a 9-year-old minor girl in her sleep and near the bushes of the canal, the accused had committed the incident of rape with the minor child and murdered her and escaped. When the girl’s mother did not find the child with her, she inquired and searched about it among all the relatives but she could not be found anywhere, so she informed her husband and brother about this. After a lot of searching, they searched for the girl in the morning and at around 11:00 am, the dead body of the girl was found lying in the bushes near the canal. Whose body had no clothes and was lying dead in bloody condition.

rape followed by murder

In this case, prima facie the incident of rape and murder had come to the fore. On getting information about the incident, Goraghat police registered a case against the accused under section 376 AB 302 and 5, 6 of the Posco Act and arrested the accused. After the arrest, this case was under consideration in the Special Court POCSO Act, which was presented today by Hon’ble Justice Ramajayant Mittal, along with all the witnesses, documentary and scientific evidence, by the Prosecuting Officer RC Chaturvedi in the case. Agreeing with which, the judge has punished the accused Chhatrapal Rawat with capital punishment, considering him guilty of brutal murder and inhuman rape of the girl child, and has also imposed a fine of ₹ 18,000. Along with this, under the Retribution Scheme 2018, the victim’s family has also been ordered to provide a compensation amount of Rs 5 lakh to the victim’s family. Media cell in-charge, Assistant District Prosecution Officer Sanchita Awasthi has given information about this court case.

Satyendra Rawat’s report from Datia

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