Panna News: Unknown thieves crossed 20 thousand rupees in cash including jewelry worth lakhs kept in the house, police engaged in investigation. Milk dairy operators house jewelry worth lakhs and 20 thousand cash Cleared

Panna News: In Madhya Pradesh’s Panna, the courage of thieves is increasing. In which there was no fear of the police. The thieves are easily succeeding in their plans and the police team seems unable to stop them. Actually, unknown thieves attacked the milk dairy operator’s house near Panna SP office. During this, thieves stole 20 thousand rupees in cash along with jewelry worth lakhs kept in the house, after which there is an atmosphere of panic in the locality. At present, the police is probing the matter and the search for the thieves has also been started.

Complaint lodged in police station

Information about the incident, the victim’s relatives lodged a complaint in the police station. Even after this, the police did not reach the spot till 9 am. Please tell that the incident is of late night. The relatives came to know about the theft at night. A member also saw the thief running away but could not catch him. After which he immediately informed the policeman but the police came after 10 am.

Was alone at home with son

Regarding the matter, the landlord Mulla Bai Yadav told that last night she was alone in the house with her son as her husband had gone to Rewa for treatment. Only then the unknown thief opened the lock of the cupboard and box kept in the house and kept two mangalsutras, one necklace, nettle, four pairs of anklets and stole 20 thousand rupees in cash.

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