Pakistan Government Official Twitter Account Blocked In India Pakistan Government’s Twitter account blocked in India

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Has been banned for the third time in the past. (Photo Credit: News Nation)


  • Twitter took this step on the statutory demand of the Government of India
  • Account blocked in India for the third time in the past
  • Account continues in other countries like America, Canada

New Delhi:

The official Twitter account of the Government of Pakistan has been blocked in India. After this, when someone is trying to access the Pakistan government’s Twitter account from India, he is getting the message ‘Account withheld @Govtof Pakistan’s’. It is said that on a legal demand of the Modi government, Twitter has banned it in India. However, except India, it can be seen in other countries like America, Canada.

banned for the third time
This is the third time that Pakistan’s Twitter account has been banned in India. Earlier in October 2022, the Twitter account of the Government of Pakistan was banned in India. This is reportedly the second such incident in recent months. This account was also blocked in July last year. Later it was reactivated and it started appearing in India as well. As per Twitter’s guidelines, the microblogging site takes such action in response to a legal demand such as a court or statutory order of a country. This is the reason why currently the Twitter feed of the Government of Pakistan @Govtof Pakistan is not visible to Indian users.

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Accounts of Pak embassy in Turkey, Iran, Egypt were blocked in June last year
In June last year, Twitter in India banned the official accounts of Pakistan embassies in the United Nations, Turkey, Iran and Egypt. In August, India also blocked eight YouTube news channels. One of them was operating from Pakistan and also had a Facebook account. They were posting ‘fake anti-India material’ online, against which the Government of India had taken this step. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said in a statement that action was taken on the basis of emergency powers under the Information Technology Rules 2021. Blocked Indian YouTube channels were seen using fake and sensationalized thumbnails, photos of news anchors and some TV news anchors. The channels misled the viewers to believe that the news in question was authentic.

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