Oxford Academic Union’s ‘Grand Star Success Award’ to Dr. Sadhna Kapoor

Oxford Academic Union’s ‘Grand Star Success Award’ Dr. Sadhna Kapoor, Chancellor of RKDF University, will be honored with the ‘Grand Star Success Award’ by the Academic Union Oxford for the University’s outstanding performance in the field of social work, academic upgradation and research. Apart from this, on 20 December 2022, there will be a lecture by Dr. Kapoor on the topic “Role of Universities in Sustainable Development” at Oxford University, London.

Earlier, Dr. Sadhna Kapoor was awarded Honorary Professorship by Oxford Academic Union, which was organized in Switzerland in 2017. Let us tell you that the efforts being made by the university in the direction of energy conservation and climate change through the university are getting recognition at the international level. Asia’s first and world’s third carbon capture plant has been set up in the campus of the university. For the absorption of carbon dioxide emitted by the university, a large project is being run at a cost of 10 crores, through which important research work is being done in the direction of reducing the amount of carbon by absorbing carbon dioxide emitted from thermal power houses. Soon pilot project will be run in the thermal power plants of Government of India.

Apart from this, workshops and camps are organized by the university in 5 adopted villages of Bhopal district on topics like environmental awareness, climate change, health check-up, useful agriculture program, vermi culture in rural areas. Value-based education has been given importance by the university in its courses and due efforts are made to provide information regarding the all-round development of the students as well as the technical inventions being done at the international level.

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