Outsiders created ruckus in Shahdol Medical College, students were beaten up

Shahdol News: There has been news of ruckus and vandalism by some outside elements in Birsa Munda Government Medical College, Shahdol. When the students of the medical college opposed them, they started fighting with them. Seeing the matter progressing, the police reached the spot and started the investigation.

It is being told that some outsiders have been roaming around the Girls Hostel for the last few days and are harassing the girl students living here using indecent language. When some college students tried to stop these people, they started fighting and also tried to run over them.

When the security guard present in the college tried to stop the miscreants, they broke the barricades there and tried to run over the guard at the main gate. The guards had closed the gates due to which the miscreants could not get out along with the car. However, four of these youths in the vehicle managed to escape by jumping the gate. Surprisingly, there was also a 12-year-old boy with him who could not jump.

After this, the young man driving the car turned the car at a high speed and escaped by jumping the wall by taking it on the way behind the hospital. The security personnel caught the child sitting in the car. After some time, the youths who ran away reached here with more than 20 armed miscreants and attacked them. These people had hockey, baseball bat, bicycle chain and sword. Due to which they attacked the security personnel and students present there. Some students have been injured in this attack, professors and doctors who reached the spot on getting the information were also attacked by the miscreants.

Regarding the incident, the Dean of the Medical College says that outsiders were fighting in the medical premises. In the past also such incidents have been done here by these people. Several students have been injured and reported that outside elements were lighting up disco lights and moving around the campus, playing the song at high volume. When he was opposed, he started fighting.

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