Organ Donation in Bhopal: Many lives will be illuminated by the organs of Bhopal’s youth, heart will beat in Ahmedabad. Many lives will be illuminated by the organs of Bhopal youth, heart will beat in Ahmedabad

Organ Donation in Bhopal

Organ Donation in Bhopal : Many lives are going to be illuminated by the organs of a young man from Bhopal. Actually, the life of the patients of Bhopal, Indore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad is going to be filled with happiness with the organs of the young man. If the young man’s heart will now beat in Ahmedabad, people will get a new life in Indore, Bhopal and Hyderabad from many organs along with the kidney. For the first time, three green corridors have been made in the city to make the organ reach the patients quickly. In such a situation, it took only 12.31 minutes to reach the heart to the airport.

According to the information, the heart was taken to Ahmedabad in a special flight this morning, while the liver was taken to Chauithram Hospital in Indore, the kidney was taken to Chirayu Hospital and the other kidney to Siddhanta Hospital. Along with this eye donation of both the Divya Jyotis was done at Hamidia Hospital. All these organ donations were coordinated in association with Sunil Rai, Counselor Bhopal Organ Donation Society and Dr. Rakesh Bhargava, Kamal Saluja Kiran Foundation.

It is being told that on September 17, Anmol Jain, a resident of Sohagpur in Narmadapuram met with an accident and after that he was declared brain dead. He was treated for several months but as nothing worked, the family decided with great difficulty that the organ could be donated. In such a situation, the family members discussed with the doctors of the hospital. The young man’s organs were then donated to patients who were in dire need of them.

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