On the wedding day, the groom told such a secret of the bride, the bride was ashamed

Groom revealed the secret of the bride : The occasion of marriage is very special. Here, along with all the rituals, there is a lot of laughter, joking and flirting. And if the bride and groom get into the mood of pulling each other, then the atmosphere becomes completely different. This is what happened in a marriage..which is now in headlines. The photographer put the video of the occasion on Tiktok and it has garnered over 1.6 million views so far.

This incident happened between Ian Young and his bride Katie, a resident of Scotland. This was revealed by the groom Ian Young in his wedding speech. The bridegroom told such a secret of his girlfriend that the bride burst into tears in front of everyone there. Starting his talk, Ian said that today me and Katie need to be honest in front of all of you. On this, KT started looking at him with a little surprise. What the groom did after this is now viral on social media.

Ian tells everyone about their first kiss. But the matter was a little different from this. He said that we both met in a cricket club. That very night we talked and then kissed each other. After that he went out to get drinks. When Ian returned, he saw Katie kissing someone else. As soon as Ian told this, the guests present there started laughing. And the bride covered her face with her hands in shame. Ian told that seeing that scene, he himself finished both the drinks and then went to the dance floor. But luck had something else in store and that’s why today both of them have tied the knot.

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