Old man fell from first floor of jewelery showroom, died during treatment

Narmadapuram News : An 85-year-old elderly customer who had come to buy from the nearby village Kulamarhi at the LKG Jewelery showroom located at Sarafa Market in Itarsi, Narmadapuram district, died during treatment in Bhopal after falling from the first floor of the showroom.

It is being told that there was a lot of gap in the railing at the place from where the elderly customer had fallen. Due to falling from the same gap, the elderly customer had fallen and got injured. This incident took place on November 21 at around 4 pm. But the information was given to the police on November 24 by Dr. Aman of AIIMS Hospital, Bhopal. After which the information about the incident was sent to Itarsi City Police Station. But at the time of the incident, the relatives had taken the old man for immediate treatment, but did not inform the police at all.

Tell that Omprakash’s father Gulabdas, 85 years old resident of Kulamarhi Narmadapuram village, had come to LKG jewelers’ shop to buy bullion at Sarafa Bazar Itarsi. Here he fell from a height of about 10-12 feet. There was a stir in the shop due to the sudden fall of the elderly customer on the ground. The relatives took him to the hospital without informing the police. He died during treatment in Bhopal on 24 November.

Assistant sub-inspector Sanjay Raghuvanshi told that we got information about the incident when the Marg diary came. Now the matter will be investigated and further action will be taken according to whatever facts come to the fore. Tomorrow the statement of the complainant will be recorded after which further action will be taken.
Rahul Agarwal’s report from Itarsi

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