Nude photo of ex-girlfriend shared, court orders 1 crore 30 lakh compensation


1 crore 30 lakh compensation in revenge porn case : Incidents of making personal photos and videos of your partner public after breakup are not new. Many times such cases have come to the fore when after the end of the relationship, out of anger or out of revenge, someone put the private pictures of their ex-partner on social media. And the victims in such cases are mostly women. In this way, the social image of the girls gets tarnished if the photos of private moments come in front, it also leads to mental harassment. In one such case, the court in Canada has ordered the accused to pay a heavy fine after proving his guilt.

This incident is from Canada where a man named Dayalan Heald uploaded nude photos and videos of his ex-girlfriend on the internet. Along with this, he also put the name and personal details of his ex-girlfriend there. According to the CBC report, these videos were viewed by more than 1.5 million people. After this the matter reached the court. The victim said that she had to face a lot of fear and trouble because of the ex-boyfriend. The accused did not do this only with her, he had earlier also shared private photos of 4 women without their consent and in the year 2019, he accepted this allegation in the court. Finding him guilty in that case also, the court sentenced him to 18 months. After this, he confessed to doing similar acts with two more women. In this way, he had done this kind of despicable act with 6 women earlier also.

After the complaint of the victim woman, the court said that this act of Heidel is outrageous and condemnable. He did this with the intention of harming the woman. After this, the court has imposed a compensation of Rs 1 crore 30 lakh on the convict in the revenge porn case. This is the largest ever awarded in a case of this type in Canada. After this decision, Heald’s lawyer Ron Peachey has filed a notice of appeal against it. They say that some of the fines have been imposed without any proper evidence and that if their appeal is denied, Heidel can claim bankruptcy, as they do not have the money to pay.

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