Now getting free treatment from government hospital has become more expensive, know how. guna news now getting free treatment from government hospital is more expensive. guna news

Guna District Hospital News: Most of the patients receiving treatment at Guna District Hospital in Madhya Pradesh come from the poor strata, who cannot afford the cost of private hospitals and medical medicines. That’s why it is their compulsion to get treatment in government hospital. However, the patients do not know that the free treatment will cost them so much that several months’ wages will be consumed in one go.

this is the case

Let us tell you that something similar has happened with two patients admitted in the medical ward of the district hospital that free treatment has cost them more than private hospitals. In fact, the incidents of theft in the medical, surgical and trauma wards of the hospital are not taking the name of stopping. Mobiles of two patients were also stolen on Saturday-Sunday night. It is a matter of concern that this incident of theft took place after around 1 am, when no one except the hospital staff, patients and their attendants enter the premises.

appealed to the police

Satish Rajak, who is undergoing treatment in the medical ward, had also switched off his mobile phone at around 1.30 am and kept it under his pillow. When I opened my eyes at 4 in the morning, the mobile was missing. The cost of Satish’s mobile was about 13 thousand rupees, which he could hardly buy by paying wages. The mobile of Dharmendra Ojha, a resident of Dhamnar, who was admitted to bed number 1 of the same ward, has also been stolen. The cost of Dharmendra’s mobile is about 8 thousand rupees, but Dharmendra had kept 1.5 thousand rupees inside its cover, so that this amount can be useful in difficult situations. Both the patients and their relatives looked very sad after this incident of theft. He was also regretting coming to the district hospital. Wives of both Satish Rajak and Dharmendra Ojha have given applications to the Kotwali police and requested the police that if the CCTV cameras installed in the district hospital premises are searched, then maybe they can get their mobile back.
Sandeep Dixit’s report from Guna

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