New year gift to employees, approval of cabinet, increase in honorarium by Rs 3000, annual account will increase by Rs 36000. Big gift to employees before new year, increase in honorarium by Rs 3000, amount will increase up to Rs 36000 in annual account

Employees Honorarium Hike : New Year and Christmas gifts have been given to the employees by the state government. In fact, their honorarium has been increased. In the cabinet meeting, it has been decided to increase the honorarium to Rs.3000. With which now the honorarium of the employees has increased from Rs.6000 to Rs.9000.

Increase in honorarium of Special Judicial Magistrate

In fact, the honorarium of the Special Judicial Magistrate has been increased by the Yogi government. A decision on this has been taken in the cabinet meeting. Through the Special Judicial Magistrate, it will be increased from 6000 to 9000 rupees per month, while now 1 lakh 8 thousand rupees will be made available to them annually. With which the amount of up to Rs 36000 will increase annually in their account.

Reader’s honorarium increased

Apart from this, the honorarium of the reader of the Special Judicial Magistrate’s office has also been increased in the cabinet meeting. His honorarium has been increased at the rate of Rs 2250 per month. With this, the honorarium of fear has increased from Rs 4500 to Rs 6750 per month.

attendants 1500 increase in the honorarium of

Apart from this, the assistants are now to be made available at the rate of 100 to 150 per day. For this, the proposal has been approved by the Finance Department. 1500 per month with an increase of Rs. He will get a benefit of Rs.4500 per month.

Apart from this, many proposals have also been approved in the cabinet. In which the recruitment of posts in the Advocate General’s Office will now be conducted only through the Public Service Commission and the Subordinate Services Selection Commission. Along with this, many other proposals have also been approved.

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