New Year 2023: If you are in Indore on New Year, do not miss these 5 famous dishes. If you are in Indore on New Year 2023, do not miss these 5 famous food dishes

New Year 2023, indore famous food

New Year 2023 Ideas: Indore city is famous for food all over the world. People from far and wide come to Indore to enjoy street food along with sightseeing. Namkeen of Indore is supplied to foreign countries. It can be estimated from this that how much better the taste of Indore is. If you are coming to Indore for the first time or are in Indore only, then do not forget to taste the flavors of Indore. There are many such food items of Indore which are very famous. Its fame has remained intact for many years.

Indore is food hub

Indore is also known as Food Hub because most of the street food and food shops are set up in Indore. The most special is Sarafa Chowpatty of Indore and Chowpatty outside Meghdoot Garden along with 56 Bazars. A crowd of people is seen here from morning till night to eat. People come from far and wide to enjoy the flavors of Indore and become giddy after eating the famous food of Indore. You will not find the taste of Indore food anywhere. That’s why today we are going to tell you about 5 famous foods of Indore which will make you happy after eating them. So let’s know about those foods –

These are the 5 best foods shops –

Poha Jalebi –

If you have come to Indore, then do not forget to eat Poha Jalebi here. You will find Poha Jalebi shop in every street in Indore. You will not find the taste of Poha Jalebi of Indore anywhere. Although there are some famous shops where you will get the famous Usal Poha, Poha Jalebi. You are Indore’s famous Prashant Refreshment Jail Road, Prashant Refreshment Rajwada, Apna Sweets, Vijay Chaat House.

Patis of Vijay Chaat House –

The patis of Vijay Chaat House of Indore is very famous. People come from far away to eat it. Vijay Chaat House has two shops in Indore. One at 56 shop and one at Sarafa Chowpatty. You will get 2 to 3 types of patis at both the shops. The best of it is copra patis. You must try it once.

Big curd of Sarafa Chowpatty –

Joshi’s Dahi Bada is most famous in Indore’s Sarafa Chowpatty. Here curd is made vada in a stylish way. People here also capture the style of making Dahi Bade in the camera. Talking about the taste, it is very tasty and famous.

Nagori’s Shikanji –

Nagori’s Shikanji is very famous in Sarafa Chowpatty. You will not get this at night. For this you have to go to the bullion market during the day. Nagori Shikanji shop in the middle of Sarafa Bazar is famous for many years.

Potato Kachori of red bucket –

Lal Balti Ki Aloo Kachori is very famous. For many years people come here to eat the famous Kachori with chilli sauce. The specialty here is that you will always see a crowd at the shop here. Along with this, Kachori is given to you with green crushed chili sauce, which tastes very good.

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