New Year 2023: 5 lakh devotees can visit Khajrana Ganesh in the new year, such is the arrangement. 5 lakh devotees can visit Khajrana Ganesh on New Year, such is the arrangement

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New Years 2023: In Indore’s Khajrana Ganesh temple, every year on the occasion of new year, an influx of devotees is seen. Actually, due to the corona epidemic for the last 2 years, people were not allowed to go to the Khajrana Ganesh temple on the new year. But this year due to no guidelines, lakhs of devotees can go for darshan. The temple administration has made a lot of arrangements regarding this.

The temple management committee estimates that a large number of devotees may visit the temple on the first day of 2023 and on December 31. In such a situation, the number of devotees can go up to 5 lakhs. That’s why changes have been made in the darshan system and parking system in the temple. Also, entry into the temple will not be allowed after 11:00 pm on 31st December. In such a situation, when the doors will be opened on January 1 at 5:00 am directly in the new year, then the devotees will get a chance to see Khajrana Ganesh.

However, at 12:00 pm on December 31, the priests of the temple will perform the aarti of Khajrana Ganesh. It has been told by the temple priest Ashok Bhatt that due to Saturday and Sunday, a large number of devotees are going to visit the temple. In such a situation, the devotees will be given entry from the Kali Mandir Khajrana route. Exit will be from Goyal Vihar side. Devotees will be given darshan in four lines. On January 31 and 1, a police force of four police stations will be deployed in the temple. Along with this, 200 volunteers will also be there. Arrangements are also being made for parking in the temple on two acres of land.

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