Neonatal death due to nurse’s negligence, relatives created ruckus in the hospital

Neemuch News: In Madhya Pradesh’s Neemuch District Hospital, many cases of negligence in treatment have come to the fore in the past, due to which many deaths have happened till now. A similar case also came to the fore on Thursday, in which a newborn baby died in the district hospital due to the negligence of the nurses. happened. After the death of the child, the family members told the district hospital staff a lot of lies. At the same time, accusing the hospital staff of negligence in treatment, created a ruckus. On the information of the uproar, the police also reached the spot and the matter was pacified by giving an explanation.

this is the case

Giving information in the said case, the victim’s family Kaushalya Bai Batham said that her daughter-in-law Babli husband Jitendra Batham, age 26, resident of Nayagaon, was taken to Nayagaon Government Hospital last Monday due to labor pain from where she was referred to Neemuch. After bringing her to Neemuch, the nurses here did not even attend her for about 1 hour. Babli was suffering from pain, even after repeatedly folding hands, the district hospital staff did not pay attention to her and kept on running Instagram on mobile. Barely after shaking hands, the nurses checked my daughter-in-law Babli’s blood pressure and other tests and gave her 3 injections. After which Babli started suffering more and Babli was taken to the delivery room where the nurses did not attend her and Babli’s delivery was done by me in the district hospital, after which the nurses were called again with folded hands. On which the nurses started the treatment but the newborn baby was not doing any movement, on which he was admitted to the ICU ward. After that we were not even allowed to meet the child and today we got information from inside that the child has died.

Neonatal death due to nurse's negligence, relatives created ruckus in the hospitalMP

In this case, the family members of the victim created a hue and cry accusing the nurses of the hospital staff of negligence in treatment. On which the police who reached the spot also advised them to pacify the matter and lodge a complaint at the police station for further action, after which the matter was settled.
Kamlesh Sarada’s report from Neemuch

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