Nazul clearance system will be closed in Madhya Pradesh from new year, rules issued

MP News: Now a new system has been implemented in Madhya Pradesh regarding Nazul No Objection Certificate i.e. NOC. Under this arrangement, this certificate will not be given from 2023 onwards. The government has taken this decision with the aim of simplifying the process of application made by the public.

Under the new rules, the Nazul officers will now provide information related to the lands to the urban bodies, village and town directorates. On the basis of this information, the approval of the map, construction and layout will be given. No objection certificate will not be issued separately, for this instructions have been issued to the Collectors of all the districts.

Such will be the arrangement

Under the new system, the Nazul officers will send all the details related to all the Nazul lands under their area to the local bodies and T&CP officers within one month. After getting the information of the land, Nazul No Objection Certificate will be distributed on the basis of arrangement. It is necessary that the officials provide information related to the land within 1 month. Cases related to certificates will be registered on the Revenue Case Management System and no certificates will be issued from January 2023, one month after the order is given.

Action will be taken on issue

Even after one month of the introduction of the new system, if a person is issued a no-objection certificate, then strict action will be taken against the concerned officer under the rules of the government. If any details are required regarding the land, the sub-divisional officer of the concerned body can contact the Nazul officer.

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