National Consumer Rights Day: Know the basic rights of consumers on National Consumer Day

National Consumer Rights Day: Today is National Consumer Day. The purpose of celebrating this day is to make consumers aware of their rights and duties. Celebrating it started from 24 December 1986. On this day the Consumer Protection Act Bill was passed. In the year 1991 and 1993 amendments were made in this act. The Consumer Protection Act gives rights to the consumers against the exploitation of trade and industry. According to this act every person who buys goods and services for his own use is a consumer. The Government of India has declared 24 December as National Consumer Day. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has wished all the consumers on this day.

basic rights of consumers

The basic rights available to consumers include Right to Safety, under which it is the consumer’s right to get quality and sustainable services available in the market. Some standards have been created to certify this quality, which include Indian Standards Institution (ISI), Agmark and FPO. Along with this, under the right to informed, there is a right to get the necessary information regarding the related item. Whatever the consumer or customer is spending money for, he can get the necessary information about it.

In this sequence, the consumer has the right to choose. We all know that there are many different companies present in the market to provide the same item or product or service. In this way the consumer has the right to choose what he wants. One of the most important rights in this is the right to be heard. Under this, if a consumer is cheated or feels that he has been cheated, then he has the right of appeal or hearing. He can complain in the concerned forum and take legal aid or action. For this, consumer forums have been set up from the district level to the state level. The consumer has the right to get compensation. If he does not get the goods or services of quality then he can claim for compensation. Another important right is the right to be aware and every consumer should be aware of it. In this he can gain awareness about his rights.

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