Narottam Mishra’s taunt on Rahul Gandhi ‘Rahul Baba’s knowledge did not go beyond Baba Baba Black Ship’

narottam mishra

Narottam Mishra jibe at Rahul Gandhi : BJP has become an aggressor on Rahul Gandhi’s statement about Siya Ram. State Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra has said that Rahul Baba is not at fault in this. His knowledge has not progressed beyond Baba Baba Blackship at all. Otherwise, they would have known that Shri Ram also means Sita Ram.

Narottam Mishra said that ‘Rahul Baba does not know that Ram begins with Shri. Shri Lakshmi ji is called who and Sita ji is the incarnation of Mother Lakshmi ji only. Lakshmi ji is also Sita..because Lord Rama is also an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The meaning of being Shri in front of Lord Ram is Sita Ram. But Rahul Baba cannot know all this knowledge, because the knowledge of electoral Hindu Rahul Baba has not progressed beyond Baba Baba Black Ship. Let us inform that while attacking the RSS, Rahul Gandhi had said that he speaks Jai Shri Ram and not Jai Siyaram. Because there is no ‘Sita’ there. He has kept Sita outside.

On this matter, the Home Minister said that Rahul Baba would not have made this mistake if he had read Ramayana-Gita. If he had taken knowledge of history, he would have known Shri. But it seems that Rahul ji has taken knowledge from Kamal Nath ji’s pundit ji who got him to cut the temple cake. Narottam Mishra advised that whenever Rahul Baba makes any statement regarding religion and God, he should take information from a Sanatani Hindu, so that he does not have to become a laughing stock later.

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