Murder in Ujjain’s Kartik fair, stopped sister from teasing, then the accused stabbed her

Ujjain Crime News: The incident of murder of a young man has come to light in the Kartik fair going on in Ujjain. The youth had asked some of the accused who were commenting on his sister not to do so. Angered by the young man’s words, the accused stabbed him in the chest and fled. It is being told that the number of attackers was 20 to 25. In protest against this incident, the family members of the young man and the Hinduist organization did a chakkajam by keeping the dead body at the spot and vandalized the swing. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, the administration closed the fair
Got it done.

This young man was a resident of Agar and had come to his aunt’s place living in Budhwariya. It was a child’s birthday in the family, so other relatives were also present. The family had reached Kartik Mela to hang out together. Here some youths started molesting a girl while commenting on the boat swing. When the young man stopped him from commenting, a fight started.

The family members present there informed the police. The policemen posted at the police post took the family members with them to get the report written. Meanwhile, seeing the young man alone, the accused surrounded him and killed him by stabbing him in the chest. The knife hit the young man directly on his heart and he died on the spot. Family members say that the police have not caught the attackers. We were taken to the police station on the pretext of writing a report and in the meanwhile Deepu was murdered. While giving information about the incident at the police station, a policeman showed the photo on the mobile and we came to know that it is Deepu who has been murdered.

In this case, Mahakal police station says that the accused are being searched and they will be arrested soon. He also said that it was during the altercation that the youth was stabbed and fell down. The police also said that the family had come to file a report. When one of our jawans saw the young man lying down, he sent him to the hospital. Investigation is being done in the murder case and along with questioning the swingers, CCTVs are also being watched.

This is not the first time such an incident has been witnessed at the Kartik fair. Even before this, a young man was stabbed to death. This youth, a resident of Bhairavgarh, was stabbed in the stomach and chest. Questions always arise regarding the security arrangements of Kartik fair. Before this, the incident of fighting has also happened. Strong management is claimed by the government every time, but after the incident, these claims are exposed.

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