MP Weather: Weather will change in December, cold wave alert, mercury drops, know forecast on Bhopal-Indore. MP Weather Update: Cold will increase, cold wave alert in second week of December, temperature will increase in these districts, know forecast

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MP Weather : Changes in weather are being seen continuously in the state. Even on the last day of November, there will be strong sunlight on one side. In the evening, there will be a drop in the temperature. Due to the changing wind direction, the temperature continues to fluctuate. According to the Meteorological Department, the forecast has been issued on 28 November. In which the possibility of cold wave and fog has been expressed for 4 days. Cold alert has been issued in different areas of the city.

effect of western disturbance

There has been an increase in the temperature of the capital Bhopal on Tuesday night. By the end of the week, a rapid drop in temperature can be seen. However, currently no weather system is active in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from this, no moisture is being seen from North and West India including the Bay of Bengal. Because of which an increase in temperature has been recorded. This increase has been observed due to the effect of Western Disturbance on the Himalayan region.

The day temperature in Bhopal has been recorded at 27.4 degree Celsius while the night temperature has increased by two notches above normal. Due to the northern wind, the wind is moving at a high speed in some parts. Pachmarhi recorded a low of 6.8 degrees Celsius, while Raisen and Nagaon recorded the lowest minimum temperature of 4 degrees Celsius.

Effect of snow on the peaks of the mountains in Madhya Pradesh

Expressing the forecast, the meteorologist said that the weather of Madhya Pradesh will remain dry till December 6. It will continue to flow cold air from the northwest, around December 1, a Western Disturbance will form towards the Western Himalayas. The temperature system will further weaken with the formation of a weather system. The effect of snowfall on the peaks of the mountains in North India will be visible in Madhya Pradesh.

Impact on Gwalior Chambal

The effect of snowfall is being seen more in the Gwalior Chambal area. The continuous drop in temperature continues. The night temperature is maintained at 8 degree Celsius. The Meteorological Department has issued a forecast of severe cold in Gwalior Chambal cold from 5 December. People will get relief from sunlight during the day. However, after December 5, the effect of fog will be visible on the sunlight.

Temperature will increase from December 5

After December 5, there will be a further drop in the temperature. A forecast of severe cold has been issued. For the second time in 22 years, the coldest night in November has been recorded on Saturday. When the temperature in the capital Bhopal reached below 10 degree Celsius. However, earlier in 2009, the night temperature was recorded at 9.6 degree Celsius in the month of November.

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