MP Weather: Weather will change in 3 divisions from December 6, strong wind system will be ready, cold wave warning, learn IMD forecast. forecasts

MP Weather Update: The weather of Madhya Pradesh continues to fluctuate. In fact, today the sky will be cloudy in many areas. Cold strong wind will blow. Due to which tremors can increase. Winds will be strong in the morning and evening. A drop in temperature is also being seen. Although the sun will come out in the afternoon. Due to which people are expected to get relief.

A forecast of severe cold has been expressed in the state from December 6. Temperature can be recorded up to 6 degree Celsius in Gwalior, Jabalpur. Apart from this, a drop in temperature will also be seen in Bhopal and Indore.

weather system will change

Talking about the weather system, the air coming from Pakistan is becoming active over the Himalayas. With its activation till December 5, a drop in temperature will be seen. At present the temperature in the state is between 26 to 28 degree Celsius. However, after December 6, it will see a rapid decline. Mild cold can also be felt.

weather system

According to the meteorologist, a disturbance has formed over the Himalayas. However, there is a ban on snowfall in the Himalayas for the time being. Due to which the wind is not getting affected much. With the onset of snowfall, it will happen in Madhya Pradesh.

Apart from this, the condition of La Nina is also active which has affected the winter. The mean temperature in November was the lowest recorded in 22 years. However, the effect of the continuously changing weather system on the sea surface of the Pacific Ocean will be seen in Madhya Pradesh.

Heavy drop in temperature in these districts

Talking about other districts, the day temperature in Narsinghpur has reached 22 degree Celsius on Saturday. There has been a decline of 5 percent in it, while the minimum temperature in Betul Dhar has also decreased by 2 degree Celsius. Heavy drop in temperature has been recorded in 3 divisions on Saturday. The districts where special changes in temperature have been observed. Apart from Raisen, it includes Naugaon including Pachmarhi, Rajgarh, Narsinghpur, Khandwa, Gwalior and Umaria.

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