MP Weather: Weather patterns will change from Monday, chances of cloud cover, cold will increase, new western disturbance will be active, know updates. MP Weather : Weather pattern will change in 48 hours, possibility of cloudy and drizzle, next Western Disturbance will be active on Monday, know IMD forecast

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MP Weather Update Today : Changes will be seen in the weather of Madhya Pradesh from Monday. Somewhere there are chances of a drop in temperature with cloud cover. According to the MP Meteorological Department, a high frequency Western Disturbance will enter North India on December 26. Due to its effect, moisture in the air may cause light clouds at some places in the districts of the division including Jabalpur. Till December 28, the process of fluctuating temperature will continue. ,

According to the MP Weather Update, a weak Western Disturbance at present lies as a trough over Afghanistan and adjoining Pakistan and a cyclonic circulation at a height of 1.5 km lies near Odisha. Due to which the wind direction has become south-west and the temperature is changing due to moisture. There is a possibility of cold wave and cold day in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh in the coming days, which will affect Gwalior-Chambal division. It will also affect the weather. Due to this, a drop of one degree Celsius can be recorded in day and night temperature. The same fog can also occur.

Fluctuations in temperature continue

According to the MP Meteorological Department (MP Weather next week update), till December 25, there will be mild fluctuations in temperature. The mercury will fall below 2 to 3 degrees. A high frequency Western Disturbance is very likely to enter North India on 26th December, under whose influence there will be snowfall and rain over the mountains of North India followed by severe cold wave conditions. On Monday 26 December it is likely to be cloudy. The weather will change in the new year and it may rain somewhere.

Western Disturbance will be active on Monday

According to the MP Weather forecast, a Western Disturbance will enter North India on December 26, under the influence of which there will be cloud cover in many areas due to moisture, there may be light drizzle. If this happens, there will be a rapid drop in the temperature and after December 28, there will be severe winter. After its progress, severe cold is expected in the state including Jabalpur, Gwalior from December 28. Due to snowfall in the mountains of North India, the minimum temperature in the new year may come down to 6 to 8 degrees.

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