MP Weather: Severe cold in 2 divisions, temperature dropped, weather will change from December 5, chances of cold wave, learn IMD forecast. MP Weather: Severe cold in 2 divisions, temperature will drop, weather will change from December 5, chances of cold wave from next week, know forecast

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MP Weather Update: The cold has increased in Madhya Pradesh. In many cities, the night temperature has reached very low. Severe cold has been forecast from 5th December. According to meteorologists in the state, Jabalpur and Gwalior zones have recorded maximum cold as compared to Bhopal. Recorded on 1st and 2nd December. There is a drop in the maximum temperature.

Melting and fog effect in many districts of the state

The effect of melting and fog has also started appearing in many districts of the state. At present there is no new system in the state but a low pressure area is developing over the Bay of Bengal. Whose possibility of turning into depression has been expressed. Due to this, there will be a drop in temperature. Apart from this, the effect of the icy wind coming from the north is being seen in the capital Bhopal. The night temperature was recorded at 12 degree Celsius while the wind speed was increasing at a speed of 14 kmph.

Naugaon coldest record

Amid drop in temperature in several districts of Madhya Pradesh, morning fog is visible in Gwalior Chambal division while Naugaon has been recorded as the coldest. Here the temperature is seen at 6.4 degree Celsius. However, no significant change has been observed in the minimum temperature of the state.

Drop in temperature in these districts

According to the report of the Meteorological Center, there will be no significant change in the temperature. The temperature is expected to remain normal in Shahdol division. At the same time, the weather is expected to remain dry for 3 days. The minimum temperature in Raisen was 7 degree Celsius, Pachmarhi 7.6, Gwalior 7.8, Umaria 8.9, Rajgarh Narsinghpur Khandwa recorded 9.4 degree Celsius.

Weather more cold in MP from next week

If we talk about the meteorologist of Madhya Pradesh, the direction of the winds has come down. Due to which a drop in temperature is being seen. For the time being the weather will remain like this. Due to the absence of any new system affecting the weather, an increase in temperature is also possible. However, Western Disturbance has become active in North India. Due to which there will be an increase in snowfall. Due to this, the weather in Madhya Pradesh may remain colder till next week.

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