MP Weather: Drop in temperature in 10 districts, cold wave alert, cold will increase from December 5, know forecast on Indore-Jabalpur. Mausam of Madhya Pradesh: Temperature dropped in 10 districts, chill increased, cold wave alert, know forecast on Bhopal Indore

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MP Weather Update: Madhya Pradesh During the last 24 hours, the weather remained dry in the districts of all the divisions of the state. No significant change was observed in the minimum temperature in all the districts of the division. Recorded less than normal in the districts of Indore division and in the division. On the other hand, 6 degree Celsius temperature has been recorded in Naugaon in the lowest minimum temperature.

Talking about the weather forecast, the weather will remain dry in all the districts of the state. The maximum temperature that can be recorded is 26 degree Celsius. Along with the falling temperature, severe cold has also started in most of the districts of Madhya Pradesh.

decrease in minimum temperature

Due to the changing direction of the winds, the temperature continues to fluctuate. There is some respite from the cold. The weather has remained cold in the districts. The minimum temperature recorded is 12 degree Celsius. In Indore too, the temperature has reached 12 degree Celsius. 11 degree Celsius mercury has been recorded in Jabalpur. Pachmarhi recorded a minimum temperature of 5 degree Celsius. Due to the northern wind, fluctuations in temperature will be seen from Bhopal to Indore region in two-three days. However, the weather will remain dry.

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According to meteorologists, due to the northern wind, the temperature dropped in many areas of the state. Snowfall on the Himalayas is not happening as expected. At the same time, due to absence of wind from Iran, there is not much drop in the temperature. However, by the end of December, a strong wind system will form from Iran, due to which there will be a huge drop in the temperature.

Temperature increased in 13 districts

At present, the temperature is fluctuating in many districts and cities. Apart from Betul Bhopal, Pachmarhi, Rajgarh, Ratlam, Ujjain, Damoh, Mandla, Narsinghpur, Naugaon, Rewa, Satna, Umaria have recorded a rise of 1 degree, while a drop in temperature has been registered in Indore, Gwalior, Guna Dhar, Seoni, Chhindwara.

Mercury rolled in these districts

The effect of cold is being seen more in 12 districts of Madhya Pradesh. 5.69 in Pachmarhi, 6.5 in Naogaon, 6.5 in Raisen, 7.2 in Umaria, 7.4 in Malajkhand, 7.4 have been recorded. A decline is also being recorded in Chhatarpur Khajuraho Sagar.

MP Weather: Fall in temperature in 10 districts, cold wave alert, cold will increase from December 5, know forecast on Indore-Jabalpur

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