MP School: “Education Report Card” released, Khandwa topped with A grade, Bhopal got B grade, education system successful in top 10 districts. MP School: Quarterly Education Report Card released, Bhopal’s performance up, Khandwa occupied the top, big preparation of education center for children

MP School Education Report 2022: Many innovative efforts are being made by the Madhya Pradesh government to improve the school education system. Apart from this, many types of experiments have also been done. Despite this, the results are not visible in many districts. District-wise school education education quality report card has been prepared by the State Education Center on Saturday. The capital Bhopal is at number 29 in its ranking.

Actually Rajdhani could not make its place in the top 20. Bhopal has got 65.85% marks in ranking. However, compared to the last quarter, Bhopal made innovative efforts to improve school education. Along with this, he was able to jump 22 places. Even after this, Bhopal not getting a place in the top 20 is a matter of great concern.

Explain that the report for the quarter of June, July and August was presented by the State Education Center. In which Bhopal was at number 51. Compared to this figure, it can definitely be said that effective steps have been taken to strengthen school education in Bhopal.

Names of top ten districts

The report card of school education was presented at the Mission Ankur launching program by the State School Education Minister. In which many small districts have been involved in making a place in the top 10. Among these, Khandwa, Chhatarpur, Shahdol, Balaghat, Panna, Seoni, Jabalpur, Guna and Betul have been successful in maintaining their place in the top ten.

Khandwa on top in the state

In this matter, Dhanraju S, director of the State Education Center, said that the numbers have been distributed to the districts on the basis of every work and achievement done in the school in September, October-November. With A grade and a ranking of 78.28%, Khandwa has been successful in making its place among the top in the state.

Assessment done on these issues

The issues on which the assessment was made. It includes enrollment and retention of children, apart from good governance practices, infrastructure and physical facilities in the school. In addition, professional development of teachers and quality academic achievement were included.

Shocking revelations in the released report card

The figures which have come out openly in the released report card, and out of 25 lakh students studying in class 1 to 3, about 80% students do not recognize alphabets while 75% students have problems in pronunciation of words. And 50% children have failed to make sentences by joining words.

New preparation of state government

After the coming figures, new preparations are being made by the state government. A new plan is being prepared by the School Education Department on the status of classes I to III. From making children write on the sand to making books in local languages, experiments will be done.

Mission Ankur program started

Mission Ankur program, an initiative of School Education Department of Madhya Pradesh, was launched. FLN of the State under Nipun Bharat Mission. is the mission. The learning outcomes of students up to class three will increase. It will cover 27000 students from 2755 schools. Representatives will be placed in all the blocks of 52 districts, 10 schools have been selected in each block. The ratio between rural and urban has been kept at 80:20.

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