MP Politics: Kamal Nath’s video went viral during Bharat Jodo Yatra “We are dying for 7 days” | MP Politics: Viral video of Kamal Nath on Bharat Jodo Yatra, BJP leaders hit back

Kamal Nath Viral Video: During Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, a video of Congress state president Kamal Nath is going viral in which he is seen saying ‘we have been dying for 7 days’. BJP has targeted Kamal Nath regarding this video. Kamal Nath’s video is being told during his meeting with storyteller Pradeep Mishra.

Kamal Nath reached the story of storyteller Pradeep Mishra

These days the story of storyteller Pradeep Mishra is going on in Indore and during this time Congress state president Kamal Nath had reached to meet him. Kamal Nath told during a conversation with Pradeep Mishra that Rahul Gandhi had talked about traveling at least 24 kilometers daily to pass the Bharat Jodo Yatra through Madhya Pradesh and said that only then would I go to the birthplace of Mahakal, Omkareshwar and Tantya Mama.

Kamal Nath’s video viral

On this the narrator Pradeep Mishra said that 24 kilometers is a lot. Kamal Nath said, “Ask us, we have been dying for 7 days.” After the video of Kamal Nath went viral, BJP has targeted him. BJP state minister Rahul Kothari has tweeted, “We have been dying for 7 days. Who said to die in this old age? He calls Kamal and you run. Let them rest now.

BJP leader’s counterattack

Recently, BJP leader Narendra Saluja has also tweeted. He has written. “It is being said that people themselves are coming for the yatra. There is no fatigue. People are excited and are saying that we are dying. “The same state working committee member Surendra Sharma tweeted, “We have been dying for 7 days….

Viral video trouble for Congress

Really living with Rahul Gandhi is like living with conscience.
Who said the truth, Kamal oh sorry Kamal Nath ji. Overall, this video of Kamal Nath has become a source of trouble for the viral Congress. Now what will be the effect of this on Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jode Yatra, it will be a matter to be seen.

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