MP Politics: Kamal Nath’s announcement, loan waiver scheme will start again as soon as the government comes, BJP taunts. MP Politics: Kamal Nath’s big announcement for farmers before assembly elections, BJP’s taunt

Kamal Nath Announcement : Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath has announced that if the Congress government comes to power in 2023, the scheme started for loan waiver of farmers will be started again. In fact, in the 2018 election manifesto, the loan waiver of farmers was mentioned and despite the fall of the government in 2020, Kamal Nath claimed that he has so far waived the loan of 27 lakh farmers.

Countdown to assembly elections begins

The countdown for the assembly elections has started in Madhya Pradesh and now excited by the return of the Congress in Himachal Pradesh, Congress state president Kamal Nath has made a big announcement. A while ago, he has tweeted a tweet on Twitter, in which it is written that “The farmer debt waiver scheme, which was stopped by the Shivraj government, will be started again as soon as the Congress government comes back.”

Kamal Nath’s big announcement

In fact, during the campaign for the 2018 assembly elections, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had announced that farmers’ loans would be waived off if the Congress government was formed. Kamal Nath became the Chief Minister and along with taking oath on the first day, he also signed the order to waive off the loans of the farmers.

Congress claims

The Congress claims that the process of loan waiver had also started and loans of about 27 lakh farmers were waived off. But the BJP toppled the government and the loan waiver scheme hung in the balance. Now Kamal Nath is saying that if the government is formed again, it will be implemented again.

BJP’s taunt

At the same time, BJP has tightened up about it. BJP spokesperson Dr. Hitesh Bajpai tweeted and wrote that “Kamal Nath is now bringing the flop lollipop of farmer loan waiver in Madhya Pradesh. The Congress is disappointed with the Gujarat results and the public has faith in Shivraj.”

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