MP News : Who is exempted from this loot! The Transport Commissioner did not accept the order of the Chief Secretary. Who is exempted from this loot in MP, Transport Commissioner did not accept the order of the Chief Secretary

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MP news: The Transport Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh did not accept the order of his Principal Secretary. Actually the matter is related to VLT equipment through which it has been made necessary to install panic button and GPS system in every public vehicle. Despite the letter written by the Principal Secretary of the Department, Faiz Ahmed Kidwai, the Transport Commissioner did not take any action, due to which the operators are now approaching the High Court.

Like the rest of the country, in Madhya Pradesh too, the Transport Department is going to install panic buttons and GPS systems in every public vehicle. Through which not only the location of the vehicle can be known but also the safety of the passengers. In this, especially women and children have been kept at the center point from the point of view of security. Its control room is being built in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, which is not ready yet.

But even before that, the scam of installing VLT equipment i.e. panic button and GPS has started. At first, the people in charge of the Transport Department allowed only four out of about one hundred companies authorized across the country to install VLT equipment, which has now increased to ten. Meanwhile, on October 28, when Principal Secretary of Transport Department Faiz Ahmed reached Kidwai to inspect the under-construction VLT control room, the bus owners told him about the problem and said that when the control room did not start, then why the panic button and GPS in such a hurry? .

It was also said in the complaint that the device costing Rs 4000 is being installed for Rs 15000, which directly indicates corruption. On this, the Principal Secretary of the Transport Department, Faiz wrote a letter to the Commissioner of the Transport Department, Sanjay Kumar Jha. In this letter written on November 1, Faiz asked for an additional time of 4 months to install VLT equipment in the vehicles due to non-operation of the control room. Wrote the matter of giving, on which the Transport Commissioner did not take any action.

An operator went to the High Court with this letter and the High Court asked to give 4 months time to the Transport Commissioner and based this on the letter of the Principal Secretary. Now when 4 months time was given for one person, it had to be applicable for all. But the top officials of the Transport Department implemented it in a twisted way and now another petition has been filed in the High Court in the same matter.

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