MP News: VD Sharma targeted Rahul Gandhi, said, ‘It has become clear that this is a break India journey’

VD Sharma on Rahul Gandhi BJP state president VD Sharma has reacted strongly to Rahul Gandhi’s comparison of GST and demonetisation with the Chinese army. He said that Bharat Jodo Yatra is actually Bharat Todo Yatra and his statements also prove that he is not only making a mockery of the law but also the mentality of Congress is being exposed.

‘This is not a journey to unite India, it is a journey to break India’

VD Sharma said that ‘Rahul Gandhi’s journey is not to unite India, now it has become very clear that it can only be called a journey to break India. Slogans of Pakistan Zindabad are raised continuously in the journey of Rahul Gandhi, which Rahul Gandhi, Congress and his people are doing. Yesterday, he said in Indore meeting that GST and demonetisation law are more dangerous than Chinese army. It is unfortunate that a day ago you went to the birthplace of Babasaheb Ambedkar and after returning from there, you make fun of the law of India which is made in the Parliament.

BJP state president asked that I want to ask why Rahul Gandhi ji you have so much love for China. He said that ‘I have no hesitation in saying this and this is not a surprising thing because Rahul Gandhi ji and the Congress have a very old relationship with China. They have had a very old friendship. Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath, when he was the Minister of Commerce, had helped China to benefit the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. All of us and the whole country have seen this thing. It has been his habit to make a mockery of the law inside the Parliament. In his own government, during the time of his own Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ji, is it normal or unusual to tear the bill inside the Parliament.

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