MP News: The company may stop the operation of Dial 100, this is the reason. Company may stop dial 100 operation in MP, this is the reason

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MP news: Dial 100 facility has been provided to the people across the state for police assistance, but now it is being said that the company operating Dial 100 may stop its work. In fact, the company’s bill of Rs 47 crore is not being passed by the company’s government. In such a situation, the officials of the company have verbally warned the police officers. Warning that if the payment is not made, the operation of Dial 100 may have to be stopped.

According to the information, the tenure of the company has already ended two years ago. But due to the non-selection of any other company so far, the company was given extension of service of six months each thrice. In such a situation, only the previous company is still working since June. But the company is yet to get the service extension. There the payment is also not being done. Due to this the financial condition of the company has deteriorated. That’s why now the company is raising its hands. However, company officials are refraining from talking in this regard.

Not only this, even after accepting the non-payment, some are refusing to give statements. The great thing is that once again the date of opening of technical bid along with selection of new company has been extended by 15 days. Earlier this date was kept on December 23 but now it has been extended by 15 days. Financial will be opened after opening of technical bid. Only after this the company will be selected and MoU will be signed. After partnering with the company, 2 to 3 months time will be given to prepare for the operation. At the same time, it is being told that it is difficult to get a new company before March. Therefore, the tenure of the existing company can be extended for 3 more months even after the month of December.

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