MP News: Shivraj in action, mining officer and CMHO suspended from stage

Shivraj in action : Today in Kund Bakajan of Betul district, acceptance letter distribution program was organized under ‘Chief Minister Public Service Campaign’. On this occasion, Shivraj was seen in action and ordered the suspension of the mining officer of Betul district from the stage itself. Along with this, CMHO of Betul district has also been suspended with immediate effect. Describing two people as responsible for the power problem, Pawan Baraskar JE MPEB Chichli and JE Sainkheda were also suspended with immediate effect. The CM said that those who create mess will not survive, the rule of the people will prevail.

Key points of CM Shivraj’s speech

The CM said on this occasion that ‘today, first of all, we have to give a gift to this district… Medha dam is being built here, if its height increases, irrigation water will be provided to many more villages. Today I announce that Medha Dam will be built and its height will be increased by 1.80 metres. In the next budget, work will be done to construct dam from Vakadem to Bhimpur, the road from Bhimpur to Chichauli will also be widened. I was told that there is also a problem of electricity here, for its solution a big sub-station of 132 KV will be built in village Pakraiyat at a cost of 80 crores. For an immediate solution, a 33 KV line will be laid from Chichauli to Bhimpur for 22 km and will be completed by December 15. By then this work will be completed.

The Chief Minister said that ‘we have decided that the CM public service campaign will run and camps will be organized in every panchayat, camps will be organized in the ward. The names of people will be added on the basis of the applications that will come in the camp. Names of more than four lakh people have been added in all the three districts. 740 camps were organized in the district, 1 lakh 85 thousand applications have been received under 38 services. We have come out with a resolution that I will not allow corruption to remain on the land of Madhya Pradesh at any cost. He said that ‘Today I am saying in this crowded gathering- My Prime Minister has said that he will neither eat nor let me eat. Do not give a single penny to anyone, if there is any disturbance, then send the information to the CM House, I will not let him work.

Regarding the PESA Act also, CM Shivraj said that ‘the first right under the PESA Act is the right to land – there is no need for confusion, Gram Sabha will be formed, in which sisters will also participate. Every year a map of the land will be kept in the Gram Sabha, so that you will know which land belongs to whom. So if someone has moved the land here and there, you will come to know, and Patwari and Tehsildar will be immediately caught. Can First the matter will go to the Gram Sabha. The Gram Sabha will decide whether to give the land or not. Some people take land by deceit, change religion and change land, I will not allow the vicious cycle of religious conversion to continue in Madhya Pradesh. If an attempt is made to take tribal’s land by wrong means, his land will be returned and the accused will be punished. If there is any mine within the limits of our village, the government now auctions it, but now it is up to the Gram Sabha to survey it or not. If the gram sabha decides, then the tribal society will get that mine. Any woman will get it if she wants to have it. Then if she doesn’t take it then the man will get the right. Now, if there is a pond in our village, then the government used to decide whether fish farming would be done or water chestnuts would be planted, now this too will be decided by the gram sabha. If there is a pond for irrigation of 100 acres of land, then the Gram Sabha has the right to manage it.

Forest produce is another important right under PESA. Gram Sabha will have the right to pluck and collect forest produce like pickle, sironji, mahua flower, baheda etc. which are forest produce within the limits of their village. Gram Sabha will also decide at what rate to sell. Similarly, tendu leaves will be plucked as per the wish of the gram sabha. Let us educate the Gram Sabha. Only tribal brothers will pluck tendu leaves and sell them only. Foresters should also keep in mind, get the right rate. The government will help. Its money will go into the account of the Gram Sabha. 20 percent of the timber that will be sold will be given to the forest committees. Now any agent will take any brother or sister out to work as a laborer, then he will have to tell the Gram Sabha where he is taking him. SP should keep in mind, if someone takes away without informing, then take action against him. If someone working in the village from outside comes, then he will also have to give his complete details to the Gram Sabha. CEO District Panchayat should pay attention, what work is to be done in MNREGA, Gram Sabha will also decide what work is to be done in the village. When working, a muster roll is made, now a muster roll will be kept in the Gram Sabha, so that if something goes wrong, it will be caught immediately.

‘Any new liquor shop will open only if the Gram Sabha wants it, otherwise it will not open. If there is a liquor shop near any religious place, the gram sabha will decide whether to remove it. If the Gram Sabha decides that the day on which the liquor shop will remain closed, then the Collector-SP will observe that day as a dry day. Action will be taken against those who sell illegal liquor. Gram Sabha will have the right to manage the market etc. in the village. Massab’s photo will be put up in the village, the gram sabha will have the right to see that the school is fine. We are building CM Rice School, which will have smart classes and a library. The Congress conspired that our tribal brothers could not move ahead, so they started studying in English only. On the land of Madhya Pradesh, maternal uncle has decided that medical-engineering studies will be conducted in Hindi. I am giving you this right, the Gram Sabha will see that Anganwadi runs well. In every meeting of PESA, one-third will be sisters, peace prevention committee will be formed. Now the police will not solve minor disputes. The peace settlement committee will do. If there is an FIR in any village, the police will inform the gram sabha.

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