MP News: Person cheated without sharing OTP, bank and mobile company paid compensation

MP News: Person cheated without sharing OTP, bank and mobile company paid compensation

Cyber ​​Crime in MP: Cyber ​​thugs are seen executing the incidents of fraud in different ways. One such shocking case of cheating has come to the fore in MP. In this case, the victim neither did any negligence online nor shared the OTP with anyone. Despite this, Rs 2.92 lakh went missing from the person’s bank account. When the person investigated the matter, it came to light that there was negligence on the part of the mobile company and the bank, due to which he suffered a loss.

In this case of August 2018, the victim filed a case in the IT Court of Bhopal to get back his lost amount. In the investigation of the case, the negligence of the bank and the mobile company came to the fore. After fighting the battle for about 4 and a half years, the victim got Rs 3.50 lakh from the mobile company along with interest. The payment is yet to be made by the bank.

Whenever a person is a victim of cyber fraud, it is said that he must have been negligent in something due to which the fraud has taken place. But many times it also happens that even after making a mistake at any place, a person gets cheated. In such a case, the consumer bears the consequences of the negligence of the service provider companies. But in such cases, consumers have been given the right of compensation under the IT Act 2000, about which many people are not aware.

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This incident of cyber fraud happened on August 11, 2018 with a person from Indore. When the person contacted the customer care after suddenly his BSNL SIM got switched off, he came to know that there was a fault in the SIM. He was also informed that he would be issued a new SIM the next day, but on the same day a person from Ujjain was issued his SIM on the basis of forged documents. Here, as soon as the SIM was issued, an amount of Rs 2.92 lakh was transferred online from the person’s account from Bank of Baroda. In the case of this cyber fraud done in this way, the victim had pleaded for justice in the IT court.

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