MP News: Major action on negligence, 20 suspended, departmental inquiry on 6, notice issued to 72. MP Suspend News: Big action on negligence, 20 including teachers suspended with immediate effect, notice issued to 72, departmental inquiry against 6

MP News

MP Suspend News: Major action is being taken against negligence in Madhya Pradesh. On one hand, many officers and employees are being suspended. Show cause notices have also been issued to several officers.

Show cause notice issued to 72

Electoral Registration Officer of Vidhansabha Barwani, Ghanshyam Dhangar has issued show cause notice to 39 Supervisors and 33 BLOs for negligence in election work. 39 Supervisors and 30 BLOs have been asked to give an explanation by issuing show cause notice letter, it is not so If found, strict action will be taken against them.

In fact, during the special brief revision 2023 program, the work of door to door survey is being done to add, cancel and amend the names of voters. The meeting was held on November 25 on negligence by the BLO and supervisor in the work. In which all these employees were absent. On which a show cause notice has been issued to them.

Departmental inquiry against 6 teachers

Earlier, MLB Girls College was inspected by Datia Collector Sanjay Kumar. During this, 7 teachers were found absent. On which instructions have been given to suspend a teacher. On the other hand, a departmental inquiry has been set up against 6 teachers.

policeman suspended

In Seoni district, policemen have been attacked. Two SIs and four constables of the traffic police, who were doing illegal recovery of trucks on the highway, have been suspended. Traffic policemen were making illegal recovery in case of overload from trucks near Bandol police station. In such a situation, the SP going from Seoni to Bhopal caught the police personnel red-handed while making illegal recovery. Due to which suspension action has been taken against them.

Action on disturbances in ration

In the capital Bhopal, 15 fair price shops were suspended for making disturbances in the ration of the poor. Now the operation of these shops has been handed over to other operators. Earlier action was taken by the Food Department to suspend 15 officers while charge sheets were also given to four officers.

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