MP News: Magistrate checking created a stir, instead of the number plate, the plate of the party’s post was kept. Magistrate checking created a stir in MP, instead of the number plate, the plate of the party’s post was put

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MP news: In the tourist town of Orchha of Niwari district, due to the magistrate checking today, there was a stir among the drivers of the vehicles. In fact today, first of all, action was taken to stop illegal dumpers at Orchha Tigela. These dumpers were filled with soil and ballast. Several dumpers were also seized. Not only this, during checking, hooters and black films were also found on some vehicles, on which challans were issued after taking action.

According to the information, when people got the news of magistrate checking, there was a stir in Pratappura industrial area. The campaign of this magistrate checking was carried out by Raghavendra Patel and Kishan Dev Patel along with the police force. In such a situation, apart from confiscating illegal vehicles during checking, action was also taken by stopping the vehicles whose number plates had the party’s post plate. The great thing is that this magistrate checking was done standing at different places. Because as soon as people came to know that the magistrate checking is taking place, there was a stir among the people.

In such a situation, people were planning to leave from different places. But the magistrate checking officers started checking at different places by applying their mind. Due to which many people were caught and action was taken against them. This information has come to the fore that during the action vehicles with name plates of Congress, BJP and other parties were stopped and hooters were fitted on these vehicles. And some had a black film on them. Some drivers were not wearing seat belts, in such a situation, challan action was taken against all of them. The police force was also present during the checking.

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