MP News: In view of the increasing cold, the government’s big decision, the minister gave instructions. Government’s big decision in view of increasing cold in MP, Minister Bhupendra Singh gave instructions

Cold In MP : The effect of snowfall in the hilly areas is also visible in Madhya Pradesh (MP News), most of the districts of the state are in the grip of severe cold, the temperature has reached below 8 degrees, due to increasing cold and cold wave, those people Those who do not have any fixed place to live are in a bad condition, the government has issued guidelines worrying about such people.

Urban Development and Housing Minister Bhupendra Singh has directed that in view of the outbreak of cold wave, arrangement of bonfire should be ensured at public places in all urban bodies. Minister Mr. Singh said that arrangements for hot water and quilts and blankets should be made necessary for bathing in all the shelters of the civic body. He has said that any kind of negligence will not be tolerated in this work.

Minister Mr. Singh said that in such urban bodies, where there are no permanent shelters, it will be ensured to provide shelter, housing and other relief to the urban homeless by starting a temporary shelter in a rented building or in a vacant building of the urban body. Do it. Make special arrangements for cleanliness in shelters.

He said that the shelter sites should be publicized so that the homeless in the city can get information about the shelter sites. Be sure to send the information of the people staying in the shelter every day through the revenue inspector at bus stand, railway station and other such areas where the number of destitute people is more. In this regard, orders have also been issued by the Commissioner Urban Administration and Development to all the urban bodies.

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