MP News: Illegal colonies of the state will be legalized under this process, know the rules. Illegal colonies of the state will be legalized under this process in MP, know the rules

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MP news: In Madhya Pradesh, before December 31, 2016, the Shivraj government had made some rules to provide relief to the residents of six thousand illegal colonies, but they were not implemented. Nor did the residents get its benefit. In such a situation, once again the government is making efforts to simplify the process and legalize the illegal colonies. It is being told that along with simplifying the process, the government is also going to reduce the development fee. Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced about this in Mandsaur.

Such is the rule –

According to the information, the Municipal Colony Development Rules are applicable in Madhya Pradesh. According to which, if the area of ​​the colony is more than two hectares, the Directorate of Town and Country Investments can allow colony development in a maximum of three phases. 15 percent of the houses will be reserved for the weaker sections. In this case, the colonizers will be able to deposit shelter fee in place of plot and house. Apart from this, it has also been told that if more than 70 percent of the people belonging to the low income group live, then only 20 percent of the development fee will be collected from the colonists. The remaining amount will be borne by the body.

According to the information, it has been told by the officials that the colony of different category will have to pay 50 percent development fee. Actually, this amount is very high due to which the residents are not getting ready to pay more amount. In such a situation, the condition of the urban bodies is also not so good that they can complete the development work without government help. In such a rule, which is applicable, there is a provision to release 50 percent buildings only after completion of 50 percent development work. Also, to legalize the building, the owner himself will have to apply. For this the landlord will be duly charged. Now this rule has once again been considered by the government to simplify the process and reduce the development fee. Now the final decision on this will be taken in the cabinet.

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