MP News: CM Shivraj gave a gift of 137 crores, the land of 20 villages will be irrigated by the project, 4000 farmers will be benefited. MP : 2 Big projects worth Rs 137 crore approved, 4000 farmers and 20 villages will get benefit from 2023, CM Shivraj gave these instructions to officials

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CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan: Before the new year, CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan gifted development works worth more than 137 crores to village Dobi in Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh. CM has done Bhoomi-pujan of micro lift irrigation project costing Rs 106 crore 35 lakh, due to which 20 thousand acres of land in 24 villages will be irrigated. 4 thousand farmers will be benefited from this project.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the pace of development is being continuously increased in the state. In the interest of the farmers, water arrangements are being made to increase the area under irrigation. Bhoomi-pujan of micro lift irrigation project costing Rs 106 crore 35 lakh has been done in Dobi village of Sehore district. The project will be completed soon. With this, 20 thousand acres of agricultural land in 24 villages will be irrigated. 4000 farmers will be benefited from the project. With the lift irrigation project, water will reach the fields of the villagers, due to which the farmer will get a good crop along with good income.

Accepting the demand of villagers and farmers, CM Chouhan announced to add other villages to the project from the platform. He told that Rs 50 crore will be sanctioned separately for this. He said that no stone will be left unturned to increase the yield of crops by making water available to the farmers. Through this project, water will reach the fields of the farmers at the last end. The state government is also running several schemes in the interest of the farmers. We are determined for the progress and development of the farmers.

Establishment of CM Rise School

CM Chouhan said that talented children of every poor family will not be denied admission in any educational institution according to their interest. On admission in their medical, IIT and IIM institutions, the entire fee will be paid by the state government. CM Rise Schools have been started in the state to provide better education to the children. In this, children of all classes will be able to get education together. These schools will prove to be better in nurturing the hidden talents of the children and building their future. 9 CM Rise schools have also been established in Sehore district.

Free coaching will be given

CM Chouhan said that one lakh vacancies for government jobs are being taken out for children. Coaching institutes are being opened in Shahganj and Nasrullaganj of Budhni assembly constituency to provide good education opportunities to the children from renowned coaching institutes. In these all the students will be given free coaching for competitive exams. Bank linkage facility is being made available to the same self-help groups. I am constantly trying to ensure that the income of each of my sisters is Rs 10,000 per month.

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