MP News: Big preparation of the state government, rule will be amended, bill will be presented in winter session, will get benefit. MP News: Big preparation of Shivraj government, amendments will be made in municipal law, bill will be presented in winter session

MP Shivraj Government

MP Shivraj Government: The Shivraj government of Madhya Pradesh is making great preparations. The government has decided to amend the rule, the amendment bill will be introduced in the winter session of the Vidhansabha starting from December 19. The amendment bill is to be presented by the Urban Development and Housing Department of the state.

Under this rule, if any institution is exempted from stamp duty by the government, then the urban bodies will not be able to collect stamp duty more than that. At present, there is a provision for giving separate stamp duty in the Municipal Act. Preparations are being made by the government to end it so that there is no contradiction.

stamp duty exemption

There is a provision to give exemption in the auction of the property of the application of the state. Due to different arrangements, problems are constantly being seen in this. In order to attract investors and to establish various different institutions, a provision has been made by the government for exemption in stamp duty. Now it has been decided to amend the Municipal Law Rules.

Amendment bill introduced in winter session

Under this, the institutions to which the government gives exemption in stamp duty. They are charged additional stamp duty by the civic body. There are also problems with different systems. Provides fee exemption to investors under the Industrial Unit Promotion Policy. To end this contradiction, an amendment bill will be presented in the winter session.

In the matter, officials of the Urban Development and Housing Department say that there is a provision in the Madhya Pradesh Municipality Act that stamp duty will be charged on property within the limits of the urban body. The same system is also applicable in the municipality and the city council. Regarding which preparations have been made for amendment.

Madhya Pradesh is an ideal state from the point of view of investment as well.

Madhya Pradesh is also emerging as an ideal state from investment point of view. Four big companies have invested in Madhya Pradesh. In which 5350 people have got work so far. At the same time, preparations are being made by the state government to invite foreign investors to Madhya Pradesh. Recently, in the investor meet, CM Shivraj said that we will promote Madhya Pradesh at the international level. In such a situation, this amended rule will prove to be very important from the point of view of investment.

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