MP News : Beware! Watchman keep awake, fear of serial killer, 4 killed so far

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Sagar, Desk Report. Recently a sensational case has come to light from Sagar of Madhya Pradesh. It is being told that a psycho killer is continuously killing the watchmen in Sagar. Recently, after the death of 4 watchmen in the same style, there has been a stir in the cantonment and civil line police station area of ​​Sagar city. Not only this, this matter is spreading rapidly. Actually, a psycho serial killer killed two watchmen in the same way.

Even the police is not denying this thing now. The police have also accepted that some psycho serial killer is behind this murder. This murder has been done in the same style by the same person. He is constantly targeting all the watchmen of the city. Especially those people who are found sleeping while on duty. Due to the continuous killing of watchmen, an atmosphere of panic has been created in the city.

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According to the information, the police have got a CCTV footage regarding this matter. It is seen that a person is wearing a white shirt and half pants. On the basis of this CCTV, the police got a sketch made. On the basis of that, now this serial killer is being searched. Not only this, the police is constantly engaged in the investigation regarding this matter. So far the police have got information about only one accused.

This person has been seen in Motinagar police station area. It is being told that a few days ago the body of a watchman was found. It was found inside a workshop in Bhainsa under Cantt police station. This dead body was seen in a stone-headed condition. At the same time, the mobile was not found from him. Not only this, the police also found the body of another similar watchman yesterday inside the Art and Commerce College under Civil Lines police station.

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The mobile was missing from it too. Police is engaged in solving the mystery of this case. Apart from this, the police also found more bodies. A person was found in a house under construction in Ratona under Motinagar police station area. However, he was found alive after which the person was referred to Bhopal. After all these death cases, the police suspects only one person, he is the serial killer.

Because first of all, on May 1, a watchman died while sleeping under the under construction bridge in Makroniya police station area. Whose body was also found in the same condition. According to the information, the police claim that they have got an important evidence regarding this matter. Soon he will be arrested. However, the police also believe that many other people may also be mixed with one person.



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