MP News: 10th day of strike of contract employees, Minister’s car surrounded for talks, Prabhu Ram Chaudhary came out safely. 10th day of strike of contract employees, minister reached for talks, vehicle surrounded, police pulled out safely

Strike of MP Contract Employees: The indignation of the contract employees’ strike is increasing continuously in the state. Today the strike continues for the tenth day. Employees are agitating across the state for two point demands. The performance is being shaped in different ways. Meanwhile, the vehicle of minister Prabhu Ram Chaudhary, who had come to hold talks with the contract health workers, was gheraoed.

Health Minister Prabhu Ram Chaudhary’s car also surrounded

In fact, after the strike entered its tenth day today, Minister Prabhu Ram Chaudhary was present among the contractual health workers. During this, the minister tried to talk to him as soon as he got down from the car. Fierce uproar was started by the contract health workers. During this, the vehicle of Health Minister Prabhu Ram Chaudhary was also gheraoed. Barely the minister was taken out safely from the crowd of protestors by the police by making him sit in another vehicle. The contract health workers are still fierce about their demands and are continuously creating ruckus.

Third class employees union also supported the agitating employees

The agitating contract health workers across the state have now got the support of the Third Class Employees Union. State President of Employees Union Atul Mishra says that the strike of contract health workers is also being supported by the Third Class Employees Union. They demand that all contractual employees working for 25 years should be regularised.

Temporary employees should be regularized on priority

So the union says that the recruitment process for more than one lakh posts is being adopted by the government, but no action is being taken to regularize the contract workers already working in the department. First, contract and temporary employees working in the department should be regularized on priority. Such employees have been waiting for regularization for a long time. The same contract employees have a huge contribution in making the valuable scheme of the state successful.

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