MP College: Shortage of Principal Professor in government colleges, thousands of posts vacant, appointment may be done soon, education system affected. MP College: Professor shortage persists in college, 496 posts of principal, 3997 posts of professor vacant, education system affected

MP College Recruitment: New education policy has been implemented in Madhya Pradesh. Even after completion of its 2 years, the posts of principals including professors are still vacant in UG colleges. On the one hand, there is a loss in studies due to the vacant posts. At the same time, many courses are also getting affected due to this.

96% posts of principal are vacant in UG colleges of the state. Apart from this, a professor is also to be recruited on the vacant post. Many posts of Professor and Principal are vacant in Engineering and Polytechnic College. Due to the vacant post of Principal in Engineering College, the senior officer of the college has been made in-charge. Whose direct effect is being read on the children’s class. The child’s education is getting affected and teachers are also not able to take classes.

Many vacant posts of Principal-Professors

Talking about the figures of Government PG College, there are 98 posts of Principal. Of these, 84 posts are lying vacant. Elsewhere, in-charge principals have been appointed. Similarly, 412 out of 426 posts are vacant in the college. If the officials of the education department are to be believed, the senior professor has been made in-charge professor. Apart from this, there has been no promotion of professors for more than 20 years. Due to which many posts of principal became vacant.

The posts of assistant professor were filled 2 years ago

Apart from this, the college is still short of 4000 professors. There are 848 sanctioned posts of Professor while 9633 posts of Assistant Professor are sanctioned in the college. Out of the total posts, 3997 posts are vacant whereas the posts of Assistant Professor were filled 2 years back.

so many vacancies

Apart from this, professors have also been made in-charge in five engineering colleges. Out of 63 sanctioned posts, 62 posts are vacant while only 7 posts out of 138 posts of associate professors are filled. Apart from this, out of 297 posts of HOD, 247 posts are vacant.

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