Monkey festival: Feast of monkeys, there is a lot of hospitality

thailand monkey festival : We all sometimes go to a feast where there are different types of dishes. A sumptuous buffet is decorated and delicious dishes are served there. Such feasts happen all over the world. Be it marriage, anniversary, festival, promotion or any happiness. People make arrangements for feast without any occasion. Everyone likes to go here because first of all, good food is available here and then people get to meet people.

monkeys feast

One such feast is done in the rest of the preparations are done as usual but the special thing is its guests. Here the guests for whom this feast is organized are actually monkeys. All these decorations are decorated for the monkeys. A special dish is prepared for them and they are fed with gusto. It is a fun day for the monkeys and they gobble up food and have a lot of fun. This special monkey festival is held on the last Sunday of November. Monkeys are invited to this festival in Thailand’s Phra Prang Sam Yot temple in Lopburi province.

Actually there is a belief behind this that doing so is good luck for the area. This will make the people there happy and prosperity will come to their homes. That’s why the local people together organize this event. In the opening ceremony, people dance wearing monkey costumes. After this the cover is removed from the dining table in the temple and the monkeys are left there. Monkeys eat a lot of food by climbing on the table and also have fun. They are given different types of fruits and vegetables along with many other things in food. The people of this place consider monkeys to be auspicious, that is why once in a year they give a lot of hospitality to them.

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