Mobile theft incidents increased in the capital, 30 cases surfaced in 15 days

Bhopal Crime News: Increase in the number of crimes is being seen continuously these days in the capital Bhopal. There has been an increase in the incidents of mobile theft and most of the people’s mobiles are missing while traveling in the bus or shopping in the market. It has become very important to take care of your mobile and other belongings while going to a crowded place. Because within 15 days, 30 mobile theft incidents have come to the fore.

According to the Bhopal police, in 15 days, 30 people have lodged complaints of mobile theft in the police station. The latest case happened with a bank assistant manager from Hanumanganj. Due to the marriage of his friend, he was dancing in the procession coming out from near Narmada Club. During this, some pick pocket stole the iPhone 13 kept in the mobile. Earlier, a mobile phone was stolen from a person’s pocket from the OPD of AIIMS hospital.

A mobile phone worth Rs 10,000 was stolen from a person’s pocket from under the bridge in Mangalwara police station area. Police have registered a case against the unknown thief in all the cases. An FIR has been registered but no clue about the thief has been found so far. In view of the daily incidents of theft, the police has increased the checking system, but the miscreants are now seen active in the vegetable market and other markets.

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