Mission 2024 BJP Sets First Goal As Lok Sabha Pravas Yojna Know Everything About It


  • Under the BJP’s Lok Sabha migration plan, now the number of seats has increased to 160.
  • These are the seats where BJP lost or won by a small margin
  • Under Mission 2024, BJP has made 40 clusters on these seats.

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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) does not celebrate its victory for a long time after winning the elections. It can be said that the key to the continuous victory of BJP lies in its continuous election exercise and the intensive plans related to it. This is the reason that even before the Gujarat-Himachal Pradesh assembly elections, the BJP had prepared a detailed organizational plan in view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. In this scheme, every worker from Union ministers to booth level was included. In fact, the BJP’s election winning strategy is based on a blueprint set by Home Minister Amit Shah. He clearly says that without a strong organization, BJP will not be able to repeat its electoral success. Under this, in view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP had started the Lok Sabha Migration Scheme last year. Under this scheme, party leaders, including ministers, have been tasked with handling challenging parliamentary constituencies for the 2024 general elections, where the party finished runner-up or third or won by narrow margins in the 2019 general elections. In the initial phase of the migration plan, 144 such constituencies were identified from across the country, which have now been increased to 160.

The reason for choosing only 160 Lok Sabha constituencies
Last year on May 25, in the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Council of Ministers, the BJP leadership revealed the Lok Sabha migration plan. Each of the selected parliamentary constituencies under the scheme will be part of a cluster, for which a minister or senior party leader will be appointed as in-charge. Its purpose is to strengthen the organization and motivate party workers for various situations related to election strategy. From influencing the local people through booth level activities to working on social media including WhatsApp groups. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP contested 436 seats, out of which it won 303. In such a situation, in the 144 constituencies selected by the party in the initial phase of the migration plan, those seats where the party was defeated were included. These included those seats where the BJP just somehow won by a small margin. After getting positive results and feedback from the initial phase of the migration scheme, the BJP leadership has now increased the number of such seats to 160. Senior leaders handling the program said that soon this number will exceed 200. According to BJP sources, the party has already appointed one Swayamsevak for a short period and one full-time Swayamsevak ie Vistarak in 160 parliamentary constituencies, who along with the district party presidents will be stationed there till the elections are over. Each of them will act as a coordinator to oversee the party’s election campaign up to the booth level in their respective constituencies.

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Where are these Lok Sabha constituencies located?
Under this plan, the BJP’s entire attention is focused on the southern and eastern states, where the party has not yet established itself firmly. For example West Bengal, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Odisha. However, some constituencies from strongholds like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have also been included in this list. In Maharashtra, the party has identified 16 constituencies including Baramati, the stronghold of NCP chief Sharad Pawar. After winning 18 seats in Bengal, 19 other constituencies have been included in this list. The seats won by the party in Uttar Pradesh include Rae Bareilly, the bastion of the Gandhi family, Ambedkarnagar, the bastion of the BSP, Shrawasti, which it lost by a narrow margin, Lalganj, another stronghold of the BSP, Moradabad, Sambhal, a stronghold for the SP. , Amroha and Mainpuri are included. In the Sambhal Lok Sabha constituency, BJP has not been able to hoist the flag of victory even once. The seats in Telangana include Mehboob Nagar, where BJP’s DK Aruna came second with over 3.30 lakh votes in 2019. The BJP came third in Nagar Kurnool, but polled more than 1 lakh votes, and Nalgonda, where the party finished third. Last week, the BJP leadership added four more constituencies to the already selected 10 in Bihar, five to the 19 constituencies in Bengal, three in Maharashtra and two each in UP and Punjab.

What will the leaders and ministers associated with this scheme do?
According to BJP sources, the party leadership had given a 144-point program sheet to the ministers in the meeting on 25 May 2022. Under this action plan, each constituency is part of a cluster, for which a leader has been made in-charge. A three-tier committee will be constituted at the central, local and district levels to collect information on the implementation and impact of various welfare schemes of the government and prepare a detailed report. Ministers in charge will have to collect data related to demographics in each constituency with the help of local organization. For example- caste population, economic status, number of youth, women, poor etc-etc. Information about local culture, festivals, political development and personality, even the number of youth driving two-wheelers is to be gathered.

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Report will also be prepared on poor performing seats
These committees will also prepare a report after studying those booths and blocks where the performance of party candidates has been poor in the last few elections. These details will be submitted to the central leadership along with suggestions based on the feedback received from the local leadership. To strengthen the BJP’s social media presence, the committees will set up a Twitter handle. Then at least 50,000 followers of that Twitter handle will be created in each constituency. The committees are expected to reach out to college-going girls, self-help groups (SHGs) and religious leaders and communities through this. While preparing the list of beneficiaries, details of 12 central schemes will have to be given. There will be a social media team, a Lok Sabha coordinator, a social media coordinator and a full-time member to assist the guest minister.

These ministers have been given the responsibility
Some Union ministers like Piyush Goyal, Dharmendra Pradhan, Bhupendra Yadav, Narendra Singh Tomar, Giriraj Singh, Mansukh Mandaviya, Smriti Irani, Anurag Thakur, Sanjeev Balyan, Jitendra Singh, Mahendra Nath Pandey have been appointed as cluster in-charges. Some others have been given only constituencies. Sources said that there are 40 BJP clusters across the country. The ministers were given the task of spending at least 48 hours in these constituencies and making frequent visits to prepare reports to pave the way for victory. The ministers are expected to analyze the party’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in these seats and identify steps to improve its electoral prospects.

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Opposition party worker will also have to go home
Each minister will have to visit half a dozen houses of party associates, opponents and party workers and stay in touch with them. He will have to do at least six more tasks during each yatra and ensure that the party gets at least 20 new members in each booth. Amit Shah will visit 11 states this month to promote organizational activities. In this sequence, Amit Shah is visiting Tripura on January 5, where he will start the Rath Yatra. After this, he is expected to visit Manipur and Nagaland on 6 January. He will visit Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand on January 7 and Andhra Pradesh on January 8. He will be in UP on January 16, Bengal and Uttar Pradesh on January 17. Karnataka on 28 January. The next day he will be in Haryana and Punjab.

What is the system of monitoring system for migration scheme
Home Minister Amit Shah is directly monitoring this program. BJP President JP Nadda and party General Secretary (Organisation) BL Santosh are also actively involved in this exercise. Ministers in charge have been given 18 months to strengthen the party in these constituencies. The first review meeting of the Lok Sabha Migration Scheme was held on September 6 last year. In this, Amit Shah had insisted on the ministers to complete the organizational works on priority basis. According to Amit Shah, the party can win more than 65 percent of the seats it contested last time. In such a situation, it should ensure that in the elections of 2024, at least 30 percent of the difficult seats are also hoisted. The entire exercise of Lok Sabha Pravas Yojana is being done to ensure this.

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Is BJP doing this kind of exercise for the first time?
Not at all. Ahead of the 2019 general elections, the party had identified around 120 constituencies across seven states as new catchment areas for its increased focus. These seats were from Odisha, Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Northeast. The BJP leadership’s assessment at that time was that the party would not be able to retain many seats in its strongholds, so it should focus on new areas. As a result, the BJP improved its position in Bengal, Odisha and the Northeast in the 2019 elections. The party won eight and 18 seats in Odisha and Bengal respectively. Earlier it had won only one out of 21 seats in Odisha and two seats in Bengal. The same exercise in Telangana increased its tally from one to four in the 2019 elections. Obviously, under Mission 2024, BJP has taken its first step as compared to other political parties.

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