Missing girl found after 51 years, was kidnapped in childhood

Lost girl found after 51 years : There are some accidents that change the life of a person. Something similar happened with a girl child living in the United States. About 51 years ago, she had gone missing from her home. All efforts were made to find her, but she could not be found. Now her family has got her back after so many years.

According to a report in The Guardian, Alta Apantenko, the mother of a girl named Melissa Highsmith, had advertised in a newspaper for her caretaker. After this he hired a woman without meeting her. Alta Apentenko was a working woman and she was raising her child on her own. That’s why he needed someone to take care of his daughter. But on August 23, 1971, the child’s babysitter allegedly kidnapped her from Fort Worth, Texas. After that day no one saw the babysitter and the baby.

After the girl went missing, the family made all efforts to find her. The police also searched for her a lot but could not find her. Slowly, year after year started passing. Five decades had passed since the incident and the family had lost all hope. But in September of this year, Melissa’s family got the news that she was near Charleston. After this DNA test was done. Along with this, Melissa’s birth mark and other signs also helped to prove that this is the child who disappeared 51 years ago. According to The Guardian, Melissa reunited with her family after so many years at a church in Fort Worth. Here he had his mother, father and four siblings. After so many years now his parents are very old. He himself is in his declining age. But everyone is happy that they have been reunited after so many years. The family says that we welcome him and will fill the gap of 51 years with our love.

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