Miscreants stole oxygen line from Ratlam Children’s Hospital, big accident averted

Ratlam News: Such an incident has come to light from Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh (MP) which is surprising. Here the incident of stealing the oxygen line installed in the premises of Ratlam Children Hospital has been carried out. Fortunately, when this incident happened, no one was on ventilator at that time, otherwise anyone could have died.

The thieves have stolen the copper pipe from the oxygen pipeline of the private ward of the Children’s Hospital. This pipeline goes from the Oxygen Plant to the ICU and the Neonatal Intensive Care Ward in the MCH. If the pipeline had been cut at the place connected to them, a big accident would have happened because at that time 5 to 6 children were admitted in the pediatric unit.

As soon as the information about the incident came to the fore, there was a stir in the staff of the Health Department. The complaint of this matter has also been sent to the police by the officials. Civil surgeon Dr. Anand Chandelkar has lodged a complaint in the matter at the Station Road police station. Small thefts are committed by miscreants on the day they come to the district hospital and children’s hospital. Sometimes some goods go missing from here and sometimes taps are stolen. This incident of theft is carried out only by the drug addicts roaming around.

information about such incident

The information about the incident came to light when the biomedical engineer arrived to check Anmol like everyday. On the spot, he saw that about 10 feet of copper pipe had been cut and stolen. He says that the thief must have cut this line but when the sound of oxygen came, he ran away from the spot, otherwise he could have done more damage.

police request

In this way, the concern of the people has increased due to the incident of stealing the pipe of the oxygen pipeline. On behalf of the District Patient Welfare Committee, requesting the district hospital and the police administration, it has been said that the incident of pipeline theft should be taken seriously. The strictest action should be taken to catch the culprit because the lives of small children could be in danger due to a slight mistake. If strict action is taken against the culprit, then there will be no fear of such incidents in future.

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