Minors abducted their friend, stripped naked and assaulted, video went viral

Indore Crime News: Such a case has come to the fore in Indore’s Lasudia police station area, which has forced one to think in which direction the society is going today. A video of the incident has also surfaced in which what is visible is unbelievable. Well, after the complaint, the police registered a case against the accused under various sections and took them into custody, who were later released on bail, let’s know the whole matter….

The minor was being hit with a belt, he was shouting to escape

A viral video of Nipania area of ​​Lasudia police station area of ​​Indore has created a stir in the city. In the video, three to four minor children are seen naked and beating a minor child with a belt, the child seen in the video being made on the banks of the pond is crying out and pleading not to be killed, but the beating minors have no mercy on him. Doing

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Religious slogans were being thrashed, Pakistan Murdabad slogans were raised

Religious slogans were also raised from the victim child during beating, slogans of Hindustan Zindabad and Pakistan Murdabad were also raised. The children also made a video of the entire incident and made it viral on social media. The most important thing is that the victim child and the children who kidnapped and beat him are between 12 and 14 years old and are friends. Earlier they used to live together in IDA’s Multi, the victim had moved to Ashrafi Nagar some time back with his family, had come to Nipania on Wednesday to meet his friends who were caught and abducted by the same friends.

Police registered a case under sections of IT Act including kidnapping

After the incident, somehow the child reached home and told the whole incident to his father. After listening to the child, the father reached the Lasudia police station and lodged a complaint, realizing the seriousness of the matter, the police registered a case under sections 365, 363,294, 506 and IT Act.

Children got bail, police now waiting for statements

After registering the case, the police called the accused children to the police station. DCP Suraj Verma told that the children were questioned about the incident, their relatives were also called, the children were told that what they had done was a serious crime, the children were at fault. Realised, he was later granted bail. Police say that soon the statement will be recorded and the case diary will be sent to the Child and Juvenile Court.

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